Avoid These Food While Detoxing

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Due to the pollution in the air we breathe, we consume lots of germs and also chemical reluctantly. But our body can hardly absorb this. So for keeping up our good health, we must think of cleansing our body with the program of detoxing. The myriad of toxin can only be wiped out of our body with the help of detoxing process.

Not only that a healthy detox diet will make you healthier, but it will reduce your weight and also boost up your energy. If you are thinking to take up the detox plan, you need to remove some food from your food chart, which will cause hindrance to this process. And you need to include drinks like diet tea at Readytea. Let’s have a look into the chart which will tell you about such food items, to be avoided.

Sweeteners: You must discard the artificial, like Splenda or Aspartame. They create a toxic effect in the liver. Even the diet sodas you take up are filled up with the artificial sweeteners. So at any cost, you have to remove this from your diet chart while having a detoxification and start taking tea detox.

Added table sugar: If you go for the intake of high added sugar or table sugar, some enzymes inside your body will not function as per the need of the body. Their actions are inhibited. Such syrups which contain high fructose must be avoided for the detoxing like slimming tea in Australia. Sugar intake can increase the food craving and also the amount of triglycerides in the bloodstream. It enhances the risk of cardiac problems.

Coffee: Only one cup of coffee is allowed to drink during detoxification. If you think that it is hardly possible for you, then do one thing. Mix up your coffee with decaffeinated coffee for some days, until you put up the habit of a cup of coffee on a single day.

Alcohol: A small sip of alcohol will cause a huge pressure on your body while detoxification. Your liver will be highly affected due to this burden. So avoid alcohol and let your liver rest for some time.

Any dairy product: Sixty five percent of human beings possess lactose intolerance after their childhood. If you don’t even have such intolerance, still you have to avoid the dairy products while detoxification is going on. Digestion of dairy products will cause huge problems to your body. So no milk, cheese or other dairy product is allowed to intake.

Red meat: Sad but true, you can’t intake red meat when you are on detox plan. Animal protein to high extent will disturb your digestive system.